A Wakeful Night

A few days ago, I was writing about how I loved my new relaxation app and how awesome it is. Things haven’t changed, but this morning, I have to blog about something that does NOT work for putting me to sleep: the radio. It’s been this way as long as I can remember. If I tried to drift to sleep with the radio on as a kid, I would spend hours laying in bed unable to do so. Last night was, quite unfortunately, largely the same. The Murse is clearly the opposite of me in this regard because he decided to turn iheartradio on with his phone in our bedroom as we snuggled down to rest. I had to ask him to turn it down because it was way too noisy at first, but once he fell asleep, it was as if it kept pressing the volume up button all by itself every once in a while. I remember waking up several times throughout the night because I could hear a song, and every time it took a little longer to get back to sleep.

I didn’t want to reach across him and turn it off. It wasn’t worth waking him up over, and I didn’t feel like he necessarily need sacrifice something that made him more able to sleep just so that I could, especially on Father’s Day. His sleep schedule is pretty erratic due to the fact that he works 12-hour night shifts, and it’s rare that we spend the whole night together in bed while both of us are actually sleeping: Half the time, he’s unable to rest and just lays next to me playing Candy Crush Saga to pass the time while I snore next to him. I was legitimately happy that he was sleeping, and I was legitimately happy to make the choice not to switch off the app, but holy wow, I was nearly ecstatic when Kaeloo crawled into bed with us this morning and started wedging herself between us. Continue reading


Why I’m not upset about turning 30


This is a late blog post, but I really wasn’t feeling very inspired at any point during the day. It was rainy, and the kids were rambunctious, and I just wasn’t feeling it. Now, sitting down with my thoughts as the kids have finally finished fighting the sandman, I want to write about the fact that I will be 30 years old in 12 days. I am SO happy about it. I’m just ready to be done being a twenty-something and embrace my thirties. Whether or not it’s actually how it works, I’m just going to slam the cover on my twenties and move forward as though I get to write a new chapter. Continue reading