Piles of Paperwork

August has been a busy month!

Since my WGU degree plan was approved on July 8th, I have knocked out all 14 credits and moved 10 credits from next semester into the one in which I’m currently enrolled. Two of my classes were objective assessments, multiple-choice tests, and I knocked them out early. The three remaining classes required performance assessments. Performance assessments are designed to get a good look at how well you understand the content. In the case of these classes, I had to write four essay assignments and do a thesis research outline and oral (video recorded) presentation. Combined, I wrote 6957 words for those projects. I think that’s enough paperwork for now on the school front for now. I’m settling in for a nice easy review of contract law and more legal business stuff followed by a six-week consortium for my science class. That will put me at 24 credits completed with 11 weeks still left in my semester. I should be able to knock out Principles of Management for an additional four credits before the end of the year.

Can you possibly shake your stick at 28 credits for the price of $3035? I know my community college can’t. I feel like I pretty much never shut up about my schooling, so I’ll make an attempt to do so now. Continue reading


Giveaway – Wet Bag and Pacifier Pouch!

Today is two weeks to the day before Archoo starts Kindergarten. I am really getting anxious, and he’s getting very excited. I really wish the school didn’t intend to make me wait until the very last minute to start shopping for supplies, though. I know that the stores aren’t going to run out of notebooks and backpacks, but I’d rather not go 50 times to pick up this thing or the other that I didn’t anticipate needing. Is it really so much to ask that the school send a letter telling who his teacher is and what he’s expected to bring by this point? He has an orientation on the 21st, and I’m going to be peeved if I don’t know before then.

But I haven’t completely skimped on back-to-school shopping. I contacted Mary of A Thread of Grace. If you’ve followed me from ManifestMom, you might remember that she offers an absolutely adorable line of reusable snack and sandwich bags, of which I did a giveaway in the past. I like these better than others for sale on Etsy because they have zipper closures; I kind of get grossed out by the velcro ones. Everyone knows that velcro never gets all the way clean. But those at A Thread of Grace instantly captured my attention, and I knew that I wanted to get some for Archoo’s lunch box before he started Kindergarten. Continue reading