Happy Grilling Post

We went to Hershey Park today, taking advantage of our dual season passes that are good there and at Dutch Wonderland. I decided that it was too chilly to take our swimsuits, but I think it might have been nice to cool off. In retrospect, though, we wouldn’t have gotten that far. We arrived around 13:00:00, and we immediately hit the carousel for Kaeloo. We did some kiddie rides around the Founder’s Circle, and then we headed to the Reese’s Extreme Cup Challenge. The first few times that we rode it, Kae had no interest in participating. You use a little laser gun to shoot at targets, and you play against the group in the next car. Today, she got two hits, which I have to say is pretty good for a three-year-old tot. Archoo is getting progressively better, and we usually beat whatever poor family or group of friends is pitted against us.

We continued along the path of kiddie rides, but were rudely interrupted in our adventure. Archoo decided to unbuckle his seat belt and stand up while the Mini Pirate was still in motion. The ride operator was in hysterics (OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG), but we planned to give him a little lecture and continue our day. However, as Archer does, he was checking out everything around him instead of listening to said lecture. We left, and I reminded him that season tickets mean we don’t have to feel bad about taking him home after only 2 hours in the park. Continue reading


Flash Flood Warnings and BBQ Thwartings

a meal from a sunnier day

            a meal from a sunnier day –             pineapple-stuffed bugers

Every time I want to barbecue, it seems to be the perfect day for rain. LOTS of rain. What is up with all the precipitation this season? It already ruined a dinner with my mom, and I’ve had to alter dinner plans more times than I care to think about this spring. have a vegetable garden out back, in which I’m growing tomatoes, corn, zucchini, leeks, onions, lima beans, green beans, poblano peppers, broccoli and brussels sprouts, but I haven’t really had to bother watering it because Mother Nature seems to be doing a fine job without me. That’s good. Sometimes, I’m lazy, and it’s easier on my water bill that way, but I just wish that the rain would fall around my weeds. I need a sunny day to get out there and pull them up! Let’s have a break from all this wet weather, hmm? Continue reading

Naps, Glorious Naps


“Mom, your work is boring.”

You know, usually, when (if) both of my kids settle into nap time, I take a coveted hour of quiet time for myself. It’s a good time for cramming a bit of extra work under a payout deadline, peeking in on the  lives of my favorite friends online or writing a blog post of my own. It’s nice for laundry, dishes, scrubbing the sink, starting dinner, or sweeping the floors. But, really, I should take a nap with them. I had an hour-long nap today, and I felt amazing when I woke up. Amazing. The reset button was pushed on my patience and my energy. I should do this every day. 🙂

This morning started bright and early at 06:00:00 and included demands for a new diaper, juice, a bowl of dry cereal and Phineas and Ferb. I dutifully obliged and curled up on the couch with Miss Kaeloo so that she could sing to me about “Perry Pattapoos.” Archoo woke about 45 minutes later with his own short list of needs, and we awaited the arrival of the Murse, who worked a 12-hour shift last night. He arrived, tired and hungry. He at a bowl of the same cereal the kids had and curled up on the couch to crash. Continue reading