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ilkaisha (Sonja): Mom, writer, college student, nerd. A foodie with an unfortunately restrictive budget and a devastating black thumb.

Murse: Father, man of the house, nurse, car buff. A hilariously unpredictable and incredibly smart guy who everyone loves and depends upon.

Archoo: (also referred to as Thing1) Son, flirt, YouTube addict, reader. A five-year-old wiseguy that’s looking forward to Kindergarten in the fall.

Kaeloo: (also referred to as Thing2) Daughter, queen bee, puzzle doer, cuddle bug. A three-year-old diva with a laundry list of idiosyncrasies.

Leo: A six-year-old cat in whose presence no water glass is safe.

Idgie: A three-year-old pit bull with a mind for destruction.


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