Giveaway – Wet Bag and Pacifier Pouch!

Today is two weeks to the day before Archoo starts Kindergarten. I am really getting anxious, and he’s getting very excited. I really wish the school didn’t intend to make me wait until the very last minute to start shopping for supplies, though. I know that the stores aren’t going to run out of notebooks and backpacks, but I’d rather not go 50 times to pick up this thing or the other that I didn’t anticipate needing. Is it really so much to ask that the school send a letter telling who his teacher is and what he’s expected to bring by this point? He has an orientation on the 21st, and I’m going to be peeved if I don’t know before then.

But I haven’t completely skimped on back-to-school shopping. I contacted Mary of A Thread of Grace. If you’ve followed me from ManifestMom, you might remember that she offers an absolutely adorable line of reusable snack and sandwich bags, of which I did a giveaway in the past. I like these better than others for sale on Etsy because they have zipper closures; I kind of get grossed out by the velcro ones. Everyone knows that velcro never gets all the way clean. But those at A Thread of Grace instantly captured my attention, and I knew that I wanted to get some for Archoo’s lunch box before he started Kindergarten. Continue reading