I Hate Basketball!


Sorry, I do. I hate it. It’s boring to watch, and I don’t get why so many people willingly submit themselves to doing so. I don’t care about the playoffs, and I’m tired of listening everyone blather on about them. I want the finals to be over and for my regularly scheduled programs to come back to me. (Man, I was kind of grumpy during March Madness.) I don’t understand the celebrity attached to basketball players. I’m not interested in the slightest about basketball wives and their overplayed drama, and I’m neither surprised nor offended by the affairs of players and scandalous behavior that is often displayed by the coaches.

I feel the same way about other sports. Football. Hockey. Soccer. Pretty much everything that’s not baseball, honestly. And even as much as I love to watch even a minor league game of baseball (at the field is absolutely better, but I’ll gladly watch a game on TV if I can’t be there), I’m not going to spend extra time following details of every player and steeping myself in the off-the-field lives of athletes. I just don’t feel compelled to do that.
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