The Start of a Journey

Warning: This is a very LONG and very personal post. I was feeling drained by it before even typing the first letter.

Kaeloo and I are, at this very moment, starting a very difficult adventure. So difficult, in fact, that I wrote this post yesterday and am hoping that you read it while I’m out so there is maybe an hour of buffer between this release and when I have to read reactions. I’m not really ready to face this; it’s an uphill battle.


As you may know from reading previous blog posts, my daughter is epileptic. From the age of two, she has had Grand Mal seizures, and we were told that her medication would make her very irritable. You can read more about this, if you like, here. Anyway, I mention it because Kaeloo is irritable. Very very very much so. She is prone to fits of anger, sometimes tantrums lasting literal hours long. She hits and kicks. She throws her body and self-inflicts pain, too. All of these things we wrote off as side effects of her medication, especially since she started it around the time when we expected her to just be terrible anyway. Continue reading