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Naps, Glorious Naps


“Mom, your work is boring.”

You know, usually, when (if) both of my kids settle into nap time, I take a coveted hour of quiet time for myself. It’s a good time for cramming a bit of extra work under a payout deadline, peeking in on the  lives of my favorite friends online or writing a blog post of my own. It’s nice for laundry, dishes, scrubbing the sink, starting dinner, or sweeping the floors. But, really, I should take a nap with them. I had an hour-long nap today, and I felt amazing when I woke up. Amazing. The reset button was pushed on my patience and my energy. I should do this every day. 🙂

This morning started bright and early at 06:00:00 and included demands for a new diaper, juice, a bowl of dry cereal and Phineas and Ferb. I dutifully obliged and curled up on the couch with Miss Kaeloo so that she could sing to me about “Perry Pattapoos.” Archoo woke about 45 minutes later with his own short list of needs, and we awaited the arrival of the Murse, who worked a 12-hour shift last night. He arrived, tired and hungry. He at a bowl of the same cereal the kids had and curled up on the couch to crash.

This is where most mornings take an interesting turn: The couch is about twenty feet from the bed, and the closed door wouldn’t really put a damper on the noise that the kids make, but they really seem to disrespect his sleepy time when he’s on the couch. So does the dog. I knew I had to get the kids out of the house so that he could rest. I sent them up to the play room and went outside. I cleaned up all the Idgie poop in the yard and mowed the front lawn and the patch of grass outside of our fence by the alley. Then, I put the kids in flip-flops and took them into the backyard.

Now, don’t get all excited about my mowing WITH the kids in the backyard. We have a large backyard, and there is plenty of room for play. I have a push mower, and it shuts off instantaneously if I need it to. The kids know not to walk in front of the big, loud, red machine, and they are contained within a fenced backyard. I’m not paranoid, and neither should you be, so can it. We have a very good system worked out: I keep an eye out for both of them as they play — first on one half, then on the other, once it’s mowed –, but if I can’t see Kaeloo because she likes to hide in a few blind spots, I shout to Archoo. He stops whatever he’s doing (baseball, usually) and checks out her few favorite spots. He then points to where she is and gives me a thumbs up. If he needs to talk to me, he runs in from behind me and shouts something profound, like, “CAN I GO GET THE SOCCER BALL, MOMMY!??!?”

I’m only discussing the mowing because it was HOT outside! HOT! I was covered in sweat almost immediately, and I really wasn’t up for hanging out once everything was mowed. I was already exhausted, and it was only about 13:00:00. Kaeloo had other ideas about the afternoon and hid in the bushes behind the shed so that she wouldn’t have to come inside. Once I rounded everyone up, though, it didn’t take Things One and Two long to fall asleep at all. I’m not usually a daytime napper, but I found this amazing app called Relax Melodies by Ipnos Soft. It lets you be a white noise/ambient sound DJ. You can mix dozens of sounds at varying volumes to find your perfect sleep-inducing background sound. Mine is a combination of thunder and faucet, and the app let me save it right down to the volume settings so that I can enjoy it at the single touch of a button. I got the full version for free as the Amazon free app of the day, but there is also a free version available for download. I imagine the two are similar, I just can’t vouch for its features in detail.

Really, though, I would have paid for the app. When the Murse is away at work for 12-hour night shifts, I have a REALLY hard time sleeping. I did, anyway. Now, I just set the timer on Relax Melodies, and the app turns itself off when the 15 minutes (of which I’ve only ever lasted a fraction of time, but there are longer preset and customizable time settings) are up. Love it.


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