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I didn’t know you were coming Ore-Ida made you some potatoes!

Image courtesy of Scott Costello

Image courtesy of Scott Costello

I honestly know only one person who doesn’t like french fries. Of course, that sacrilegious person would have to be the Murse! Oh, he’ll eat them — and he does like them if they’re well seasoned or covered with chili or cheese or something like that. But he doesn’t really experience or understand the absolute elation and comfort that some people get from eating plain old french fries. As it happens, he’s more of a tot man. I, however, love all things french fries. Even just typing about them makes me slightly salivate. I love the crisp exterior yielding to the pillowy center. I love them topped with BBQ sauce, ketchup, honey mustard, ranch dressing and other sauces, depending on my mood. I love them beside a burger or on top of a salad. I love them on a plate as the meal themselves, on occasion. I love them dipped in a milkshake (sinful combination of salty and sweet).

I must say, I’m like a child when it comes to fries. I crave, anticipate and delight in them. If I order a meal at a restaurant, nine times out of ten, I’m not substituting my french fries for another side. No way. But you can’t always go out to get your fry fix. Well … maybe some people can, but I have a budget. I have to cook at home a lot more often than I can indulge in having someone else cook and clean up.

That said, I love Ore-Ida! I love that they get super crunchy and delicious in the oven so that I don’t have to deep fry at home. Some brands you have to BURN to get crispy, but every time I reach for the bright red bag, I’m consistently pleased. There are so many varieties from which to choose, as well. From the cute little puffy potato smiley faces to crinkle-cut fries and, yes, tater tots to the new line of “Simply” products that are all natural, I could eat perfect crunchy fries at home every day and probably never get bored.

Ore-Ida was another Allrecipes brand sponsor for the month. Our points-of-contact within the company hinted several months ago that we would be working with Ore-Ida and I was super excited from the start!

Perhaps you remember this photo of my Johnsonville meatloaf. I served it with a side of Ore-Ida Zesties®, which were even to the Murse’s liking, thanks to the crunchy, seasoned exteriors. The kids and I liked them very much, as well.

Every once in a while, as our children are in preschool, some of the moms get together for coffee and breakfast. Tuesday, I made Sunrise Casserole to take along with me.  This recipe, incidentally, has both JVille sausage AND Ore-Ida potatoes in it. It was delicious, even though I halved the recipe and forgot to half the mustard. I was certain that it would be a culinary disaster, but it tasted just fine! Everyone enjoyed this recipe immensely.

And now, as I type up this blog post, I’m enjoying a simple breakfast featuring some of the leftover hash browns. Nothing gourmet or super fancy here — just delicious hashbrown potatoes covered with cheddar and jack cheeses and topped with an egg. YUM! What is your favorite way to eat Ore-Ida potatoes?


3 thoughts on “I didn’t know you were coming Ore-Ida made you some potatoes!

  1. They really do make life simpler, don’t they? And Ooohh! Fries & a Shake! Haven’t done that in a long time – now I’ve got one heckuva craving!!!!

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