Tru Moo Tricks and Treats

Okay, so I’m a HUGE chocolate milk fan. Huge. When BzzAgent sent me an email about doing a TruMoo Halloween promotion, I was very excited! Buy chocolate milk, enter to win a Hollywood vacation. Double win!

When I was a kid, my parents would get chocolate powder or syrup. Sometimes, it was Nesquik, which was slightly better than Ovaltine but still not great. Hershey’s syrup is okay, but you have to use a lot, and it still doesn’t taste amazing. The chocolate milk I could get at lunch in the cafeteria — real chocolate milk — was like liquid crack. I loved it, but we never had it in the house. Continue reading


1 – 2 – 3 Simple Rules, Son

I remember, perhaps incorrectly, that I had a lot of rules in the house when I was growing up. Don’t do this, do do that, don’t forget the other. I’m not a huge fan of detailed lists of rules, mostly because they are tedious and there is something lost in the minutia of “the rule doesn’t specifically say not to do that, so I’m not subject to punishment if I do” nonsense. This is the realm of politics, and I’m not setting my five-year-old up to find the gray area/arguable point in every situation.

Now, I understand that kids are going to get in trouble. They’re going to forget; they’re going to think that we won’t find out; they’re going to just plain make bad choices (hell, some of us continue to make really bad choices well into our adult lives — looking in the mirror here). But, we didn’t want to overwhelm the boy with lots of rules. I think that the Murse and I have come up with three simple ones that are pretty fail-proof. They’re rules everyone should follow. Continue reading

A Sick Sick Policy

So, Kaeloo has had a high fever and cough all week. Between Monday and Wednesday, she wavered between 102° and 103.5°F. I tried my best to keep her cool with lukewarm baths and acetaminophen. Archoo showed his first signs or the same symptoms Thursday when he woke up with a scratchy throat, low-grade fever and large case of whining. I read up on when to call the doctor as far as temperatures and durations, so I ended up calling yesterday. I also kept both kids out of school. Kaeloo missed both Tuesday and Thursday, and Archoo missed Thursday and Friday.
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Pardon me? Kaeloo the TV show?


Okay, so, I want to take just a quick second to explain the nicknames that I use for my children on this page. The Murse, one evening, decided to call my son, Archer, Archoo Dee-Two. I thought this was brilliant … I am, after all, a Star Wars fan. It was really cute, and he has embraced it. He has an Archoo Dee-Two YouTube channel and everything. (Go like it. He gets such a kick out of followers.)

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The Start of a Journey

Warning: This is a very LONG and very personal post. I was feeling drained by it before even typing the first letter.

Kaeloo and I are, at this very moment, starting a very difficult adventure. So difficult, in fact, that I wrote this post yesterday and am hoping that you read it while I’m out so there is maybe an hour of buffer between this release and when I have to read reactions. I’m not really ready to face this; it’s an uphill battle.


As you may know from reading previous blog posts, my daughter is epileptic. From the age of two, she has had Grand Mal seizures, and we were told that her medication would make her very irritable. You can read more about this, if you like, here. Anyway, I mention it because Kaeloo is irritable. Very very very much so. She is prone to fits of anger, sometimes tantrums lasting literal hours long. She hits and kicks. She throws her body and self-inflicts pain, too. All of these things we wrote off as side effects of her medication, especially since she started it around the time when we expected her to just be terrible anyway. Continue reading