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Tru Moo Tricks and Treats

Okay, so I’m a HUGE chocolate milk fan. Huge. When BzzAgent sent me an email about doing a TruMoo Halloween promotion, I was very excited! Buy chocolate milk, enter to win a Hollywood vacation. Double win!

When I was a kid, my parents would get chocolate powder or syrup. Sometimes, it was Nesquik, which was slightly better than Ovaltine but still not great. Hershey’s syrup is okay, but you have to use a lot, and it still doesn’t taste amazing. The chocolate milk I could get at lunch in the cafeteria — real chocolate milk — was like liquid crack. I loved it, but we never had it in the house.

So, upon becoming an adult and having my own fridge and grocery shopping trips, I immediately made real chocolate milk a staple. When I was single and living in Framingham, Mass, you could dependably find a French baguette, good olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, a bottle of white wine and chocolate milk in my kitchen. Everything else was optional: Those were my must-haves. Yep. I think I was making up for lost childhood time with that chocolate milk. If I were single today, I bet I’d still be buying it all the time, but it’s a treat at this point. Archoo seems content with syrup and regular milk, and Kaeloo only really wants chocolate milk on occasion. Even tough it’s lower in fat than our regular white milk, which is whole because the Murse prefers it and because the kids need all the calories I can convince them to eat, I still shouldn’t be allowed free access to half-gallons or gallons of chocolate milk. . . . . I would drink them. Very quickly.

TruMoo is  a brand that I enjoyed prior to this promotion. I love that is lower in added sugar than other brands without sacrificing any flavor. I love that it’s available nearly everywhere, so I don’t have to worry about consistency of product moving from brand to brand. I love that it comes in several sizes so that I can try to control myself.

BzzAgent generously sent me far too many coupons; I had to share! I bought chocolate and also a half gallon of the orange-colored vanilla milk that TruMoo makes for Halloween. I, of course, loved the chocolate. The vanilla, though, was a little bit less exciting than I had hoped it would be. It kind of just tasted like … milk. I wanted it to be an experience like chocolate milk is. Not to worry, I thought, there is a smoothie recipe included with my coupons. I’ll make that.

Well, the smoothie was also really lacking in wow factor, too. Despite the vibrant picture they sent, the actual smoothies washed out nearly all of the color in the milk, so we had these really anemic vanilla-milk-and-yogurt smoothies. It tasted mostly like yogurt, which was sort of disappointing. Overall, I kind of just feel like Christopher Walken: “I’ve got a fever! And the only prescription is more VANILLA!”

Overall, I’m still a fan of the brand. I still LOVE their chocolate milk, but I’ll probably make my own vanilla milk in the future, if I ever get the hankering for some.


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