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Pardon me? Kaeloo the TV show?


Okay, so, I want to take just a quick second to explain the nicknames that I use for my children on this page. The Murse, one evening, decided to call my son, Archer, Archoo Dee-Two. I thought this was brilliant … I am, after all, a Star Wars fan. It was really cute, and he has embraced it. He has an Archoo Dee-Two YouTube channel and everything. (Go like it. He gets such a kick out of followers.)

Anyway, Archoo Dee-Two became a thing rather quickly. Kaeloo liked to call everyone Dee-Two, like it was our surname. She was Kaelyn Dee-Two; I was Mommy Dee-Two; the Murse was Daddy Dee-Two; and I think there was even Grami Dee-Two. Occasionally, she reminds us of our Dee-Twoness to this day.


One day a few weeks later, Archoo and Kaeloo were watching Caillou on PBS. I really don’t like the show. I find Caillou to be insufferably whiny and annoying. However, the kids like him. So, having had my fill that day of Kae’s fussing and apparent Daddy favoritism, I wrote her a little song to the tune of Caillou’s theme song.

I’m just a kid who’s two
I’m gonna scream at you
I love my Daddy
I’m Kaeloo . . .

I know that this probably makes me a terrible person, but she loved (still loves) the song. And she loved the nickname. She became Kaeloo Dee-Two, and she and her brother had matchy-matchy nicknames. Perfect.


The Dee-Two Children

I literally just learned, before commencing the awkward task of blogging from a smartphone, that there is a French cartoon called Kaeloo. It seems to be an older-kid answer to Pocoyo as all of the “episodes” are seven minutes long. I bet my Dee-Twos would love it. They do like Pocoyo, but I straight up refuse to be in charge of the remote when they want to watch it on Netflix.


I wonder if there’s a dubbed version somewhere…


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