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Snack Time with Sargento

This month, I was selected to participate in an Influenster campaign with Sargento cheese. YUM!

We LOVE cheese around here, and Sargento is certainly a treat when put side by side with the store brand, which is what we usually buy. Kaeloo will happily eat a half pound of cheese by herself in a week, so we usually buy a big block and it’s gone before I head back to the grocery store. This week, I bought two because I want to make Panera Bread copycat broccoli cheese soup (gosh, this recipe really is so close!), but we also got to get some Sargento Snacks!

Influenster and Sargento sent a generous package with coupons and a cute little insulated bag that’s just big enough for one cheese snack. You could toss it in your kid’s lunch box or even in your purse for a healthy snack on the go. Classic mozzarella string cheese and colby-jack cheese sticks are what we picked. Honestly, the sticks were gone before we could snap a picture; they are our favorite! I remembered to get the camera out for the mozzarella, though. I made a plate of sliced apples and pears with pretzel sticks and the string cheese cut into thirds. I put it in the middle of the dinner table — we were having chicken pot pie, and this was a perfect addition of healthy fruits and dairy, which were lacking in the meal. It would also be perfect as an after-school snack for Archoo, or to toss in a zip bag to take to the playground.

I just wish there was a healthy recipe for mozzarella sticks. 🙂


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