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Ilkaisha — Like a Ninja!

Recently, I was sent samples of an energy shot called GungHo. It’s review time.

I love love love me some nerdy marketing. GungHo’s marketing strategies tickle my inner nerdsense. Aimed at students, gamers and those with an inner Ninja waiting to explode from the shadows at any moment, their commercial, print and electronic copy is funny and memorable. There’s even a comic on the box. I was all ready to get some NINJA LIKE FOCUS when these arrived.

The product says to avoid other energizing substances for maximum effect, so it really took me a long time to remember not to have a morning coffee or to indulge in a can of soda to really give these a good trial. When I finally did, it was a pretty dire situation. I have a hard time sleeping sometimes when the Murse is away. I had had a long, restless night, and the dawn woke the children way too early. I was fighting sleep at noon, so I went to the fridge and snagged a GungHo.

It took about 10 minutes to kick in, but I was good to go until about midnight, when I finally got sleepy again. I was able to get through the rest of my busy day of household diva-ness, child rearing and studies without the need for a nap. I have to say, it kicked the butt of every other energy shot I’ve taken in that regard. I have tried many of them, and I find that they usually failed to deliver even the five or so hours promised. I can’t imagine needing the maximum four GungHo shots in one day if used as directed, ever.

GungHo energy shots are unique in that they are gel shots instead of liquid shots. Well, in theory they are. Mine were sent in the heat of the summer, and they definitely lost their gel-ness. I had liquid shots, which sort of made them difficult to use. The little black tubes in which the shots are packaged don’t really tear cleanly. This was, as you might imagine, a little messy. Even still, a little mess in exchange for so much effectiveness is a trade I’m willing to make.

Okay, so we also have to talk about taste. I don’t typically like energy shots. They are weirdly bitter to me, and this is really not an exception. I’m fairly sure with everything they want to pack into one, the idea of a really great tasting shot is pretty improbable. That said, GungHo shots are no worse than any competitive product.

If I were to rate them on a scale of five stars, GungHo is a solid four, all things considered. In the category of effective energy, they are already a five, but if there was some magical way to make them taste awesome, and if they were more stable in the heat, they’d be a five in every aspect.


4 thoughts on “Ilkaisha — Like a Ninja!

  1. You can get a free trial pack here: gogungho.com/free
    (just pay $2.99 shipping for 3). You can save money in the “Dojo” – auto-delivered every month, free shipping, lower price etc. Can cancel any time.

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