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Giveaway – Wet Bag and Pacifier Pouch!

Today is two weeks to the day before Archoo starts Kindergarten. I am really getting anxious, and he’s getting very excited. I really wish the school didn’t intend to make me wait until the very last minute to start shopping for supplies, though. I know that the stores aren’t going to run out of notebooks and backpacks, but I’d rather not go 50 times to pick up this thing or the other that I didn’t anticipate needing. Is it really so much to ask that the school send a letter telling who his teacher is and what he’s expected to bring by this point? He has an orientation on the 21st, and I’m going to be peeved if I don’t know before then.

But I haven’t completely skimped on back-to-school shopping. I contacted Mary of A Thread of Grace. If you’ve followed me from ManifestMom, you might remember that she offers an absolutely adorable line of reusable snack and sandwich bags, of which I did a giveaway in the past. I like these better than others for sale on Etsy because they have zipper closures; I kind of get grossed out by the velcro ones. Everyone knows that velcro never gets all the way clean. But those at A Thread of Grace instantly captured my attention, and I knew that I wanted to get some for Archoo’s lunch box before he started Kindergarten.

I talked to the boy, and he said he wanted something with red and blue and stars and stripes. I am fairly sure he was leaning initially toward the American flag, but ilkaisha is a former veteran and kind of a stickler for flag code. So, I asked Mary if she had any whimsical ideas for stars, stripes, red and blue. She gave me the following picture, and Archoo flipped when he saw it.


I ventured a query about a lunch bag at that time. I, perhaps mistakenly, remembered reading about A Thread of Grace carrying lunch bags at one time, and I figured the worst Mary would do is tell me she couldn’t make one. But, pretty much, she can make anything. She set to work making two prototypes and came up with a winner. I am absolutely in love with the lunch bag and matching sandwich and snack bags that she made just for Archoo!

Mary’s lunch bags are insulated and close with a drawstring. They are great for kids and adults — roomy, well made and completely stylish! She has a few patterns available for sale on her Etsy shop, and I think that she’s going to expand her line. However, if you would like to have one custom made, she is always happy to accommodate. You might not be able to get one in time for the start of school, but it is worth the wait if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind durable lunch bag for yourself or one of your kids.

Speaking of accommodations, Mary tucked a wet bag and pacifier pouch in the lunchbox package for me to give away for FREE on my site! These are SUPER cute and feature a unisex pattern that is whimsical and fun. The wet bag is a 12″ square, big enough for a couple of swimsuits or a few diapers for a quick trip out. The pacifier pouch is a 5″ square, and it can hold a couple binkies, nuks, nee-nees, suckies or whatever your kid calls them. I’m sure that you will love them! Check them out!


The link to a Rafflecopter entry form is below. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow for me to display it here because I haven’t paid for a full blog. I will come up with a better solution for the next giveaway, but I don’t intend to disqualify those who have already entered — please bear with me just this once! Thanks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


24 thoughts on “Giveaway – Wet Bag and Pacifier Pouch!

  1. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a list last minute. You end up either having to fight a crowd or being unable to find the items in question. In most cases, it’s both…

  2. Mary, from A Thread of Grace here! I’m so happy Archer loves his rocket ship lunch bag Sonja! I just finished making 3 more lunch bags and coordinating reusable snack bags! I will be photographing and listing them today in my shop.
    Thanks again Sonja!

  3. I love the snack bags from Thread of Grace! By far the best ones I’ve seen. The zipper is not only cleaner but easier for little hands to open. I hope I’ve entered correctly because I would love more Thread of Grace items! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh Mary, please please please save this print for the future if I don’t win. We are expecting and I love turtles so this would be perfect!!!

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  7. A lovely gift for a well deserving couple who have waited way too many years for an addition to their family. Miracles and dreams do can true, it has for them.

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