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Three Decades Down

Archoo was very upset that he wasn’t going to be with me today, for my birthday. He loves spending his weekends with his Daddy, don’t get me wrong, but he’s absolutely convinced that there’s some big birthday party going on without him. He wanted me to promise to save him a piece of cake. . .

Well, kid, the most exciting thing happening today is laundry. There’s a pan of lemon pie bars cooling on the stovetop as your mother impatiently waits the opportunity to dig in. Later today, I’ll shave my legs and paint my toenails so that I’ll look lovely on the boardwalk at Atlantic City tomorrow. When your daddy drops you off at my house, your Grami will be here, and you won’t care where I’m at, I’m sure. You’ll be too busy playing with your sister (share your toys!) and having fun with your grandma to notice that Mister Murse and I aren’t home. Grami even mentioned something about taking you outside to play in a sprinkler! How fun is that?

I guess I can’t stay cooped up all day today, Archoo: I need to head out to the grocery store so that there’s jelly in the house because Kaeloo is almost certain to ask for “a piece of bread and sandwich piece of jelly piece of paper [peanut butter],” and we’re almost completely out. I’m setting out a box of cookie mix for you to make with Grami tomorrow if there’s time after all of your fun and games. Just be sure to save me one! I’ll make up some macaroni and cheese tonight and leave the chicken nuggets in the front of the freezer so Grami can find them tomorrow when she feeds you and Kaeloo, who’s taking a nap on the couch right now. I’m thinking maybe we’ll have sloppy joes for dinner tonight, but I’m not sure. I’d rather have sushi, but then again, I’d always rather have sushi. Mommy loves sushi. đŸ™‚ So don’t worry. While you’re going to Dutch Wonderland to play with Daddy today, we’re having a normal day with normal chores and normal nap time. I hope you have a good time. Try to stay buckled in on all the rides, though, okay? You have to be good.

I have been watching this video of you all day, off and on, son. It is something I taught you more than two years ago. Now, you don’t need my help with the words, so I’ll have to make a new video. But, it still makes me — and everyone else who sees it — giggle:

I don’t really think I’ll be sipping Bacardi today, but I’ll take it under consideration, since you asked so cutely. As for cake, I’ll try to save you a lemon bar (no promises — they’re my favorites). But you go ahead and get down with playtime. Ride the roller coaster with your arms up, and smile all day long. Splash and play and party like it’s Mommy’s birthday. đŸ™‚

I love you, Archoo Dee-Two, and I’ll see you Monday morning when you wake up.


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