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Blog, Take 3

So, I like to write, but I find that trying to pigeon-hole myself into a specific blog topic gets really boring really fast. I’m going to combine all of my previous blog attempts into one now, and you’re just going to have to deal with it. We’re going to talk about grammar, cooking, child rearing, my adventures in going back to college, liberalism and anything else that comes to my busy little mind. It will be Sonjariffic, I promise.

Today, I’m just going to tell you that, though I love having energy-efficient appliances, they really fail in some regards. I literally CANNOT get my blankets and pillows clean in my stupid low-water washing machine. All that happens is that my heavy laundry absorbs all of the water, and then it gets shaken around for half an hour. I am going to have to visit the laundromat to get them clean, which I hate to do. When we lived in West Reading, we lived right next door to a corner laundromat, and that didn’t make leaving the house to do laundry any less of a pain in the ass for me. While I would literally brave twenty feet to the laundromat so that I could frantically toss everything into a basket and return home, Kaeloo would have plenty of time to unlatch the screen door and faceplant onto the porch. If Archoo was home at the same time, he could be halfway down the block, one of the pets could be on the loose, or I could be locked out. Fun. Only SLIGHTLY less annoying than gritting my teeth in a laundromat further away from home as they ran around in circles, weaving in and out of other laundry patrons, screaming and carrying on like little crazy people.

I hate laundry enough without having to leave the house. Truly, I do. It’s my least-favorite chore of any of them, and it’s not really helping matters that I have developed a sensitivity to Tide. I get super itchy when clothes laundered with Tide touch my skin. So, I’ve begun putting other detergents on trial. I started with Purex. Since I’m a shopper for a family on a budget, Purex clearly has an appeal to me: The price is right! But, it feels cheap. It smells cheap. . . actually, it doesn’t smell like anything at all. Clean laundry should smell clean, right? When I do the wash with Purex, it smells pretty much like nothing. I don’t like it. I’d appreciate your suggestions in the comments section. I’m thinking, if I don’t hear anything, that ALL will be my next contestant on “The Soap is Right.”

So anyway, the blankets, pillows and I will be leaving the house soon to take a fun and exciting trip to the laundromat. Whee! In all honesty, I’ll probably do it when the kids are sleeping, when the Murse is passed out on the couch, and when I’ve nothing better to do than the most hideously boring chore on the face of the planet.


3 thoughts on “Blog, Take 3

  1. Have you tried the perfume/dye free options yet? If you want the laundry to have a bit of a scent, you can use lavender in the fabric softener dispenser. I don’t envy your the trip to the laundromat. I still have horrid flashbacks involving a son who “hid” in a dryer…

    • I have not tried them (again, because I do want the laundry to smell like something). How should I use lavender in the dispenser? Should I make some lavender water by soaking petals, or am I overthinking it?

      • Here is a great article on the use of lavender in laundry. You can add the essential oil to white vinegar and then use a quarter cup in the softener dispenser. I use plain white vinegar and unscented dryer sheets but I think I will scout out some essential oils and try them in a load or two.http://tipnut.com/scented-bedding/

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